Now Available: Foreigner, 40

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Now Available: Foreigner, 40

Remember Foreigner’s 4? Well, now it’s time for Foreigner’s 40.

Yes, as hard to believe as it may be, Foreigner is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and part of the celebration involves the release of this new career-spanning 2-CD compilation that features – you guessed it – 40 hits from over the course of their 40 years. The first disc covers the band’s first five albums:  Foreigner (1977), Double Vision (1978), Head Games (1979), 4 (1981) and Agent Provocateur (1984). The second disc features songs from Inside Information(1987), Unusual Heat (1991), Mr. Moonlight (1994) and Can’t Slow Down (2009).

Also in the works: a double-vinyl version of 40, scheduled for release on June 2. Alas, it will not contain 40 songs, as you’re looking at a pretty substantial set both in size and in price if we do that, but you can rest assured that the 23 songs it does include will be the best of the best.

 Here’s the full track listing for both the 2-CD set and the double-vinyl set, so you’ll know exactly which Foreigner favorites you’ll find on each:

CD Track Listing:

Disc One
1. “Feels Like The First Time” (Radio Edit)
2. “Starrider”
3. “Cold As Ice”
4. “Long, Long Way From Home”
5. “Headknocker”
6. “Hot Blooded” (Radio Edit)
7. “Double Vision” (Radio Edit)
8. “Blue Morning, Blue Day”
9. “Dirty White Boy” (Radio Edit)
10. “Head Games”
11. “Women”
12. “Urgent” (Radio Edit)
13. “Juke Box Hero”
14. “Waiting For A Girl Like You”
15. “Night Life”
16. “Luanne”
17. “I Want To Know What Love Is”
18. “That Was Yesterday”
19. “Tooth And Nail”
20. “Reaction To Action” (Radio Edit)
21. “Down On Love”
Disc Two
1.  “Heart Turns To Stone”
2. “Can’t Wait”
3. “Lowdown And Dirty”
4. “Soul Doctor”
5. “White Lie”
6. “Rain”
7. “All I Need To Know”
8. “Too Late”
9. “When It Comes To Love”
10. “Can’t Slow Down”
11. “In Pieces”
12. “Fool For You Anyway”
13. “Say You Will”
14. “Save Me”
15. “Girl On The Moon (Live)”
16. “Break It Up (Live)”
17. “I Don’t Want To Live Without You” – New Recording
18. “Give My Life For Love” – New Recording
19. “The Flame Still Burns” – Available On On CD For The First Time
LP Track Listing:
Side One
1. “Feels Like The First Time”
2. “Cold As Ice”
3. “Hot Blooded”
4. “Double Vision”
5. “Dirty White Boy”
6. “Head Games”
Side Two
1. “Urgent”
2. “Juke Box Hero”
3. “Luanne”
4. “Waiting For A Girl Like You”
5. “I Want To Know What Love Is”
6. “That Was Yesterday”
Side Three
1. “Heart Turns To Stone”
2. “Can’t Wait”
3. “Soul Doctor”
4. “Rain”
5. “Starrider”
Side Four
1. “When It Comes To Love”
2. “Can’t Slow Down”
3. “Too Late”
4. “Say You Will”
5. “I Don’t Want To Live Without You”
6. “The Flame Still Burns”