Out Now: Still More Depeche Mode Reissues

Monday, June 26, 2017
Out Now: Still More Depeche Mode Reissues

Whenever a band releases a new album, it generally inspires fans to take a step back and give a good listen to all of the other albums in the band’s back catalog. As such, since Depeche Mode released their latest LP, SPIRIT, a few months ago, we’re sure you’ll agree this is a perfect time for us to reissue a few more of their albums.

Okay, we know you’re sick of reading the preceding paragraph, but you’re in luck: this is the last batch of reissues. As of today, with these two albums, we have officially wrapped up our reissuing of the Depeche Mode catalog. As such, please enjoy the below reminders on the specifics of these two albums, and after you’ve finished reading about them, go and buy ‘em!

EXCITER: Get it on: Amazon || Rhino
Debuting at #9 on the UK Albums chart and #8 on the Billboard 200, EXCITER was the first occasion of an album by the band debuting higher in America than in the UK, but the UK got its revenge with the singles. Although only one track made the Hot 100 – “Dream On,” the album’s first single – and even then only charting at #85, Depeche Mode scored three top-20 singles at home: “Dream On” (#6), “I Feel Loved” (#12), and “Freelove” (#19). It’s also of note that, although it wasn’t a hit in either the US or the UK, “Goodnight Lovers” was a top-20 hit in Ireland, France, and Germany, and it went all the way to #4 in Italy.

PLAYING THE ANGEL: Get it on: Amazon || Rhino
By this point in Depeche Mode’s career, it became clear that America was happy to buy their albums, ecstatic to see them in concert, but only mildly interested in playing their singles on top-40 radio. PLAYING THE ANGEL hit #6 on the UK Albums chart and #7 on the Billboard 200, so another strong showing there, to be sure. Yes, the album’s first single, “Precious,” charted on the Hot 100, but only at #7. Meanwhile, all four of the album’s singles were hits in the UK: “Precious” (#4), “A Pain That I’m Used To” (#15), “Suffer Well” (#12), and “John the Revelator” / “Lilian” (#18).