Doing a 180 (and then some): Daft Punk, Alive 1997 / Alive 2007

Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Doing a 180 (and then some): Daft Punk, Alive 1997 / Alive 2007

Nowadays most music fans know Daft Punk for last year’s absurdly – but not inappropriately – popular single, “Get Lucky.” Before that, they were predominantly known for their previous #1 hit, 2001’s “One More Time.” Between those two efforts, however, the helmet-wearing robot rockers released an album that earned them their first two Grammy Awards: one for Best Electronic / Dance Album, one for Best Dance Recording for the album’s lone single, “Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive 2007).”

Yes, the title of the single’s a bit of a tip-off: the album in question was Alive 2007, a recording of the band’s June 14, 2007 concert at Bercy in Paris, and if you’ve never heard this award-winning effort, you’d be hard pressed to pick a better time to delve into it, since we’ve just released a double vinyl edition.

Ah, but wait! We haven’t just released a double vinyl edition. We’ve also released a limited edition version as well, and…well, we don’t mind telling you: it’s pretty awesome.

Take a sneak peak here:

The limited-edition version of Alive 2007 is packaged in a special box which includes the album on two solid-white vinyl discs, plus a vinyl bonus which features the show’s encore on Side A (“Human After All,” “Together,” “One More Time (Reprise),” and “Music Sounds Better with You”) and an uber-sweet etching of the Alive 2007 pyramid logo on the B-side. But that’s not all! You’ll also get a 52-page book of photos taken during the shows, a slipmat, and a download card. Oh, and it’s accompanied by a silver vinyl edition of the duo’s first live album, Alive 1997.

What’s that? You suddenly started twitching when I mentioned a vinyl reissue of Alive 1997, but then you started freaking out because you didn’t want to have to buy Alive 2007 to get it? Well, calm thyself: we’re also reissuing Alive 1997 separately.

If any of these releases sound at all interesting to you and aren’t already in your collection, then you’d better go ahead and start getting your turntable geared up. And if you’ve already got them on CD? Well, this is Daft Punk, after all: you might as well go ahead and buy them one more time. (Come on, all right?)