This Day in ’98: Metallica at the Playboy Mansion

Wednesday, October 18, 2017
This Day in ’98: Metallica at the Playboy Mansion

19 years ago today, Metallica launched into a nine-song set at the home of the late Hugh Hefner, a.k.a. the architectural wonder otherwise known as The Playboy Mansion. Well, actually, it’s not the architecture of the mansion that’s a wonder as much as it is the architecture of some of its residents, but...we’re getting off-topic.

Metallica’s performance was ultimately nothing more or less than a publicity stunt, but it was one with a dual purpose: not only did it serve to promote Trey Parker’s new movie, Orgazmo, but it also proved to be good publicity for the band’s then-new album, GARAGE, INC., which found the band performing covers by some of their favorite rock, punk, and heavy metal artists. As such, those who were on hand for the performance were treated to Metallica’s interpretations of the Misfits’ “Die Die Die My Darling,” Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page,” and the Anti-Nowhere League’s “So What.” Of course, that wasn’t all they played: they also dipped into their own back catalog, playing “Fuel,” “King Nothing,” “Wherever I May Roam,” “Until It Sleeps,” “Sad But True,” and “Enter Sandman.”

According to MTV News’ report on the performance, it was truly an all-star crowd in attendance for their concert: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Tommy Lee, Dwight Yoakam, Robert Duvall, Jon Lovitz, Gabriel Byrne, the aforementioned Mr. Hefner, and – just for good measure – legendary porn actor Ron Jeremy. Say what you will about Metallica, but you can’t say they don’t draw a diverse crowd!

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