You Aughta Know: The Magic Numbers, THE MAGIC NUMBERS

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
The Magic Numbers THE MAGIC NUMBERS Cover

Welcome back to our recurring column about albums released during the “Aughties,” the terribly-named period between 2000 and 2009, and prepare to either revisit or get an introduction to the debut album by a band from Hanwell, West London who managed to sell out a venue that held 2,000+ people after releasing just one single.

Never heard of The Magic Numbers? Well, you aughta...

Recorded at London’s Metropolis Studios, THE MAGIC NUMBERS featured a dozen songs, almost all of which were written solely by Romeo Stodart, although his sister Michele did co-write two of them: “Mornings Eleven,” which opens the album, and “Wheels on Fire,” which appears a few tracks from the album’s conclusion. Described as “soft, gentle sunshine pop with vaguely rootsy underpinnings” by, the album proved to be a huge hit in the UK, as one might expect from the attendance at that early show: it climbed all the way to #7 on the UK Albums chart, spawning three top-20 UK singles: “Love Me Like You” (#12), “Forever Lost” (#15), and “I See You, You See Me” (#20).

As is so often the case, however, the UK success of THE MAGIC NUMBERS failed to translate into any significant US sales, but the Anglophiles on these shores loved it – your humble author can attest to this fact, as he is most decidedly part of said demographic – and if you count yourself among their number and you’ve yet to hear it for yourself... Well, just do the math: you’ll love it.


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